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Led advertising large screen introduction

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Led advertising screen is led electronic screen also known as led screen, is a kind of semiconductor led display by controlling the general appearance of the led is composed of a lot of usually red led, on and off the light to display characters.Used to display text, graphics, images, animation, market, video, video signal and other information display screen.LED screen has been widely used in large squares, commercial advertising, sports venues, information dissemination, news release, stock exchange and so on.

Led advertising screen main products:
Outdoor full-color LED screen models are P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, P20, P25
Indoor full-color LED screen models include P1.875, P1.923, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10


Commonly used material: our company adopts the most stable accessories in the market. In terms of quality and cost performance, if the user does not specify, our outdoor full-color LED display adopts LED chip of Taiwan wafer brand, IC driver chip USES Taiwan accumulator series, control system USES ling xing yu TS801/TS802 and RV908, and power supply USES chuangliang 200W(5V/40A).The materials used are brands that have passed the test of several years, and users can use them with confidence.Please inform us in advance of the special material requirements so as to make the budget quotation.
After-sales quality guarantee: the full-color LED screen customized by our company will provide users with a certain amount of spare parts free of charge after installation, so as to ensure the replacement of components that fail in daily use of LED screen.After sales, the whole screen will be guaranteed free of charge for 2 years. If there are any quality problems with the LED display within 2 years, our company promises to repair or replace it free of charge. If there are technical problems that cannot be solved by users, our company will send technicians to remote network to help guide the operation or provide on-site maintenance services, and all the costs are free.After 2 years, LED display maintenance costs will be charged by the manufacturer for materials and labor costs.
Led advertising screen principle
In 1907 Henry Joseph Round first observed electroluminescence in silicon carbide. The first commercial diode was made in 1960.The emitting diode, an abbreviation of the English light emitting diode, is basically an electroluminescent semiconductor material that is placed on a lead bracket and sealed with epoxy resin to protect the internal core wire, so the LED has a good seismic performance.
The core of led is a chip composed of p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor. There is a transition layer between p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor, which is called p-n junction.In PN junction of some semiconductor materials, the combination of minority carriers and majority carriers injected will release the excess energy in the form of light, thus directly converting electrical energy into light energy.PN junction plus reverse voltage, a few carriers are difficult to inject, so no light.This kind of diode that USES injection electroluminescence principle to make is called LED, common name LED.When it is in a positive working state (that is, add a positive voltage at both ends), when the current flows from the LED anode to the cathode, the semiconductor crystal will emit different colors of light from ultraviolet to infrared, and the intensity of light depends on the current.
Led advertising screen features
LED advertising screen is mainly used in indoor large area of commercial advertising and venue, lobby, hotel, etc.
(1) high density, high definition display;
(2) the light-sensitive control system can automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen according to the changes of indoor and outdoor light, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, greatly reducing your operating costs and making it more acceptable to the audience;
(3) the product launches a low-power solution, which can save 1/3 of the energy when the display screen is running, further greatly reducing your operating costs;
(4) with high refresh rate and high grayscale, LED advertising screen images are more realistic and meet the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;
(5) with the function of brightness and point-by-point color correction, LED advertising screen can provide richer images and meet the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use;
(6) the advertising content on the screen can be changed at any time, and different advertisements can be displayed for different customers around the clock;
(7) with dual network cable hot backup function, two computers control one screen at the same time, when one computer has a problem, the other computer automatically replace, to ensure the normal work of the display screen;
(8) all the display information can be controlled by remote network, and the screen information can be easily changed by mouse click operation, so as to realize the clustering of advertising display network in cities and regions;
(9) support network control function, so that you can control the display screen of several cities in one place, and change the content you want to play at any time;
(10) with the multi-function card equipped by mingrui optoelectronics, the display screen can be switched on and off at any time with software or manually to realize the unattended function.


Led advertising screen application
LED advertising screen has been applied in many fields of social economy.
Led advertising screen
Led advertising screen
It mainly includes:
(1) securities trading and financial information display.LED advertising screens in this field accounted for more than 50% of the domestic demand for LED advertising screens in previous years, and are still the main demand industry for LED advertising screens.LED advertising screens are widely used in the Shanghai stock exchange, shenzhen stock exchange and 10,000 securities and financial business institutions nationwide.
(2) airport flight dynamic information display.Civil aviation airport construction is very clear to the requirement of information Display, LED screen advertising is Flight information Display system FIDS (Flight information Display system) is the first choice of products, the capital airport, Shanghai pudong international airport, haikou meilan airport, zhuhai airport, xiamen gaoqi airport, shenzhen huangtian airport, guangzhou baiyun airport and dozens of new and renovated airports across the country have to choose the domestic LED advertising screen products.
(3) display of passenger guidance information at ports and stations.LED advertising screen as the main body of the information system and broadcasting system, train arrival and departure disclosure system, ticketing information system and other forms of passenger terminal automation system, Beijing railway station, Beijing west railway station, nanchang railway station, dalian port and other important domestic railway stations and ports are installed with domestic manufacturers to provide products and systems.
(4) information display of sports venues.LED advertising screen has replaced the traditional light bulb and the CRT display, 43 session of world events in tianjin sports center for the first time used the domestic color video LED advertising screen, widely praised, Shanghai sports center, dalian stadium and many other important sports venues that have adopted the domestic LED advertising screen as the main means of information display.
(5) road traffic information display.With the rise of intelligent transportation system (ITS), LED advertising screen has been widely used as a variable intelligence board and speed limit sign to replace similar foreign products in the fields of urban traffic and expressways.
(6) information display of the dispatching command center.Power dispatching, vehicle dynamic tracking and vehicle dispatching management are also gradually adopting high-density LED advertising screens.
(7) business promotion and information display in service fields such as post office, telecommunication and shopping center of shopping mall.Domestic LED advertising screens play a role in information display in service fields all over the country.
(8) new advertising media products.In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor advertising screen as advertising media, some cities in China have appeared cluster LED advertising screen system.
Led advertising screen maintenance
1. Pay attention to the humidity of the surrounding environment of the led advertising screen, and do not allow moisture objects to enter the led advertising screen.If the damp led advertising screen is powered on, the internal parts of the led advertising screen will be corroded by water vapor, thus causing irreparable damage to the led advertising screen.
2. Try to avoid possible situations. If there is a threat to led advertising screen, keep it away from the screen.When washing the screen, also want gentle scrub, let the probability of injury reduce as far as possible.
3, the screen with the most contact with the customer, the daily maintenance work is also necessary.Regular dust removal and cleaning of the screen can improve the display effect of led advertising screen and increase the influence.
4, the supply power of the screen is also required to be stable, and should do a good job of grounding protection, in bad weather, strong wind, rain, thunder, should close the screen, no longer use.
5, the internal screen should be closed, prevent water and other conductive metal objects.Led advertising screens should be placed in an environment with better air circulation and less dust.Large particles of dust not only weaken the display, but also cause damage to the led advertising screen circuit.
6. Correct switching sequence of led advertising screen:
A: first hit the control device of the screen, then run the control software of the screen. After running stably, turn on the led advertising screen with power.
B: first turn off the screen, then turn off the computer.
7. Led advertising screen should not work for more than two hours.In wet and cold weather, the led display should be run at least once every seven days.It is recommended that led advertising screen should be turned on more than once a month, and there must be more than 2 hours of lighting time.
8. Check led advertising screen regularly. If any improper problems are found, they should be timely reported and repaired.
9. When showing the screen, try not to let the led advertising screen be in the full-color highlighted screen for a long time, which will result in too much current in the bottle, excessive heat in the coil, damage the wick and shorten the service life of the screen.
11、屏体内部的线路经过专门设计,没有具备相关知识的人禁止触碰,免得发生各种不如意的意外。一旦发生什么问题,应该及时的通知相关专业人士进行检测维修。 [1] 
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